Snow offerings

I was charmed to discover this morning that some of my neighbors had been busy yesterday building a snow fort and snow woman. Here, against the morning sun, is their fine fort, its peak adorned with icicles:

But it was the snow woman and her dog I fell in love with. Here she is, with an enormous icicle hanging off her arm (a walking stick?):

And here is her little white dog with black spots. Forgive me, artists, if this is a cat instead!

And the two of them together:

But what’s that little thing sitting at the hem of her dress?

A perfectly formed little almond dispenser with its offerings for the squirrels and mice and whoever else in the neighborhood likes nuts.

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One Response to Snow offerings

  1. Sandy says:February 6, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Nice!! As I was shoveling out my driveway yesterday, it occurred to me that it was perfect snow for snowballs and snow-man-making. I thought about rolling the snow instead of shoveling it, but gave in to adulthood instead. Would have been fun to make some snow statues, though!