Emerging calypsos

So if you’re a regular reader, you know I’m a big fan of calypso orchids (something I discovered I have in common with John Muir) and every spring I go out orchid hunting. This year I got special help from a biologist who gave me directions to a patch of fairy slippers close to home, just outside Nederland, about a half hour from my home in Boulder.

What he didn’t tell me was when to look for them. Fairy slipper orchids (Calypso bulbosa or Calypso borealis) bloom shortly after the snow melts, so last weekend I spent part of Saturday afternoon on my hands and knees in the woods, scouring the ground for delicate stems.

And there they were! Looking for all the world like miniature alien pods, their buds only about two inches off the ground and not yet open.

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A glorious–and scary–spring

We’ve had seventy-plus-degree weather since early March. It’s been glorious—day after day of stunningly beautiful weather. Every flowering tree that was ever planted in Boulder has been blooming for weeks. Flowers are so thick the air is heavy with their scent, … Read More…