Beside the White River

I caught my first-ever glimpse of Arkansas this week—a quick trip to attend a wedding in Calico Rock, in the Arkansas Ozarks at the far north of the state. Beautiful country! We stayed in a cabin peeking between trees, perched on the Calico Rock itself, the variegated bluff that caught early settlers’ attention because, as an old history book in the cabin said, the Europeans had never seen anything like this along the Rhine:

Calico Rock, AR


The bluff sits next to the beautiful White River, named “white” because it was so clear you could see right down to the riverbed. Here it is near sunset during our visit:

White River, AR

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I’ve been thinking about reciprocity lately—how it holds relationships together. How partnerships end if one or the other takes more than gives. How wars start over lack of reciprocity—disrespect, seizing land, taking resources. How contracts aren’t successful and trades don’t … Read More…