Journey toward a book title

“So how do you feel today?” Tim asked me. “Spacious!” I said. “There’s so much room!”

It was quite a change from the day before—actually, from the whole month of January, when I and the publishing team were scrambling to find the right title for my book. Now, at last, we had arrived at the title, and for the first time in a month, I’d enjoyed a full night of sleep.

We’d had a working title from the start, of course, a vivid, approachable title that made people’s faces light up every time I repeated it: Kissed by a Fox: And Other Stories of Friendship in Nature. But I had misgivings. So did the publisher. Did this title convey what the book is really about? Did it give the right tone? So, spurred by everyone’s questions, and with some publishing deadlines looming—vendor catalog, cover design—I went to work.

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Snow offerings

I was charmed to discover this morning that some of my neighbors had been busy yesterday building a snow fort and snow woman. Here, against the morning sun, is their fine fort, its peak adorned with icicles: But it was … Read More…