Why I support Occupy Wall Street

In a word: health. The health of the planet.

Put simply, a huge gap between the fabulously wealthy and everyone else is bad for the planet. Why? Because such a system is wasteful and costly.

It’s wasteful because it allows some to have way, way more than they need to live well and in doing so to continue raiding the planet for resources. It’s costly because waste is always costly.

At last the American people are waking up to what the statistics have been showing for decades already: the gap between the wealthy and the rest in this country is astounding—and rapidly growing. According to the CIA World Factbook, income distribution in the United States is worse than India, not so bad as Brazil, but significantly worse than European countries. On a par with Mexico—except Mexico is moving toward greater equality while we’re going in the opposite direction.

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I’ve been thinking about reciprocity lately—how it holds relationships together. How partnerships end if one or the other takes more than gives. How wars start over lack of reciprocity—disrespect, seizing land, taking resources. How contracts aren’t successful and trades don’t … Read More…