Veggie revelations

Okay, sometimes I need a nudge. Especially when it comes to vegetables. A few I love, but many I can happily ignore.

(Fruits are a different story. Haven’t yet met one I don’t like, and many of them I crave.)

Which is one reason it has taken us a long time to get on the CSA bandwagon. Here I am, touting locally grown foods, and this is the first year I’ve ever subscribed directly to a farm. It’s the Red Wagon Organic Farm out on Valmont Road, one of my favorite vendors from the Boulder Farmers Market.

So last week our first box was ready, and we were like kids on Christmas morning, pawing through the bags to see what the farm Santa had brought us.

A bunch of radishes, a bag of braising greens, some Egyptian walking onions, a bag of pea shoots, baby salad greens—the goodies went on and on.

I broke off a large red radish and bit into it, relishing the crunch. My eyes widened. It was sweet—the sweetest radish I have ever tasted. Possibly the best-tasting radish in my life, ever. I ate half the bunch on the spot. (Red Wagon means it when they say they are growing for taste.) For several days we ate with delight through more bags of veggies.

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