Slow money gathering coming up

Note from Priscilla: Slow money is about putting your money where your mouth is, says guest writer Julene Bair. It’s about attracting investment to entrepreneurs, including farmers, who are promoting healthy, local food supplies. This upcoming conference brings together people who love the land and are seeking new ways to channel financial resources toward healthier lands and foods. This is cross-posted at Big Picture Agriculture.

I’ve scattered throughout her post some photos I took in September at the Red Wagon Organic Farm, where I am a CSA subscriber. Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is one way to support slow food. Here is the soil where my vegetables grew!


Slow Money October Gathering Offers Ways to Invest in Slow Food

by Julene Bair

Food security, whether it’s on the personal or international level, is too important to be taken for granted. This is true especially now, when food systems are threatened by chemical pollution, the loss of topsoil, and the limits of aquifers and oil. The Slow Food movement offers a promising response to these perils. That we should slow down, grow some of our own food, buy locally what we can’t grow ourselves, and cook using whole foods instead of opening cans or buying fast food burgers not only makes health sense. Our future depends on it. When most of the oil is gone, and it becomes too expensive to ship food from across the world, how else will our children and grandchildren eat?

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