Colorado Gives–today!

Today is Colorado Gives Day, when your giving dollars go farther. Over a thousand nonprofits are participating, which means your faves are likely listed at

If you don’t have faves, let me suggest a few:

Friend of this blog Dave Sutherland is on a personal mission to raise money for Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE). He’s on the board, and he’s set a goal of raising $500 for CAEE. Visit his personal fund-raising page, and donate!

CAEE says,

Only 1-2% of Americans are environmentally literate and have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about the environment.

Teaching kids how nature works may be the only kind of education that makes sense in a world of humanly caused environmental crises. Help Dave meet his goal of raising $500!

High Country News offers consistent, high-quality reporting on environmental and social issues happening in the American West. It’s one of my favorite papers, and one of the very few I read regularly. It’s a nonprofit organization, and to keep offering its excellent journalism, it needs the help of readers everywhere who care about the West. Donate today to High Country News.

And if you’re reading this, even if you’re unemployed or broke, you likely know where your next meal is coming from. Many people in Boulder and Broomfield Counties don’t. Give today to Community Food Share, always doing awesome work to make food available to people who don’t have enough of it. The organization’s goal is nothing less than ending local hunger.

If you don’t live in Colorado, feel free to give in your local area. Or do good for the environment by doing good for people affected by Hurricane Sandy. The Solar Sandy Project provides temporary electricity to communities that are rebuilding by hooking them up to solar generators. Or donate to Occupy Sandy, which is organizing relief efforts in damaged communities.

These are just a few of the places where you can share what you have with good causes that need it. Give with an open heart. That way everybody benefits.