Women, farming, and climate change

Last spring First Lady Michelle Obama and local schoolkids started an organic farm at the White House.

Michelle Obama bending over green vegetable plants with several children beside her

From “Growing Up, Growing Hope, Growing Food,” by Crystal Hayes, MHC Alumnae Assoc

Okay, they called a garden, but let’s not quibble. Like millions of women farmers around the world, the First Lady was breaking ground to grow food to feed her family and community. Unlike most of the world’s farmers, however, the First Lady has many social and economic advantages, and in her region of the world climate change has not yet robbed her of the water needed to grow food. Today, October 15, is Blog Action Day 2009 focused on climate change. It is also International Day of Rural Women. It’s a good day to look at what women, farming, and global warming have to do with one another.

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Another sign of (political) spring

Michelle Obama and schoolchildren broke ground today for an organic garden at the White House: This was one of the suggestions environmental journalist Michael Pollan made last fall before the election in his open letter to the next Farmer-in-Chief on … Read More…